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Mediterranean Flair in Seconds: Sumac is a spice that is well-known and admired in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. Created from the ground and dried berries of the sumac flower, it has a tangy flavor mixed with an acidic and sour taste that can be compared to lemon juice. Our sumac is a fragrant premium spice that can be used on salads, to season grilled fish or meat, or as an addition to hummus. All of our spices are Kosher-certified for safety and quality purposes.

Inspired by Traditional Recipes: Each bottle of sumac that leaves our company is created to be the best on the market. Also, these spice bottles are made to offer a unique yet authentic flavor through the use of traditional recipes to inspire their creation. After receiving great raw ingredients, these are processed in small batches. This makes our spices consistent and lets us ensure that the quality never wavers from excellent.

Spice Bottles to Last: Beyond utilizing the best recipes to create our sumac, we also pay attention to the little things. Our spices' packaging is designed to hold up to travel so it won't be damaged during transit. Each bottle is also constructed so that it can hold onto the flavor of the spices so that they remain flavorful for periods of months or years. This is another way we can promise the high quality expected from our excellent spices.

Exceptional Ingredient Quality: In tandem with our traditional recipes and small-batch processing, we also use only the best ingredients to create all of our spices. Our sumac is exceptional thanks to our business relationships with the best growers of ingredients who have been doing this work for years. This gives us the chance to use top-quality ingredients in our spices to promise excellent dishes in the kitchen.