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Authentic Israeli Roast

For many years, Israel has been known to be a leader in growing and roasting nuts and seeds of premium quality and taste.  And in the bid to provide our customers with the best, we strive to deliver excellent, unique, and authentic flavors, all gotten from the inspirations and basis of the rich traditional recipes of Israel.  Our raw materials are roasted in small batches, with the view to achieving the highest quality and consistency.

IL Nuts - Yossef Roasting

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"I cannot get enough of this places awesome seeds and nuts! I live in Myrtle Beach SC and order online! Not only is it quick shipping and excellent service, everything is fresh and tasty! My favorites are the watermelon seeds and the BBQ ravioli is great too. You will not be disappointed! Excellent!"

Nicky Levy

"Amazing fresh roasted nuts store. They have fresh daily roasted seeds and nuts from North Miami Beach. Available at the store and online."

South Florida Yacht Charters - Miami, Florida

"These are by far the best tasting sunflower seeds I've ever tried."

Peter Leibovich - Iowa City, Iowa

"This is just as good as it can get.. watermelon seeds? I just love them!"

Jerald Cohen - Queens, New York

Premium Ingredients

When it comes to roasting gourmet products, raw materials of exceptional quality are extremely important in the process.  At Yossef Roasting, we understand this perfectly and thus strive to always get the best end-results. To achieve this, we have built productive business relationships with experienced growers of these materials across Israel, who in turn supply us with their top-quality ingredients.  

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