Hot Paprika

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Quality Spice in Every Bite: All paprika is made using the ground flesh and skins of dried red peppers. It comes in several varieties, including smoked, sweet, and hot paprika. Our hot paprika is made using especially spicy peppers and adds a ton of heat to any dish. It can be used as an alternative to sweet paprika in situations where more spice is needed in a dish. It can also be used instead of red pepper flakes or cayenne if a customer runs out.

Packaged with Care: When we package our hot paprika, it goes into a durable bottle that is simple to use. Our packaging also keeps the spice well protected while it moves from our company to a customer’s front door. The bottles are created to ensure freshness with hot paprika, even when it’s not being used on a frequent basis. Our packaging is another way we can show we care about our customers and their experience with our products.

Kosher Certified in Chicago & Miami: We pride ourselves on being one of few companies that offer a fully Kosher-certified product line. Our certifications come from the Chicago Rabbinical Council and Vaad Hakashrus of Miami-Dade, offering extra security that the spice has been processed in the appropriate way. For Kosher households, we are pleased to offer excellent products like our hot paprika.

Quality Ingredients & Processing: In our efforts to offer our customers the best, our hot paprika starts its life as a high-quality ingredient provided by the best growers on the globe. Our relationship with the top businesses sets our spices apart from the beginning. We also take the raw ingredients and process them in small batch processes to get a high level of consistency across every bottle. Every batch is handcrafted for top-quality spices.