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A Warm Spice for Autumn Dishes: Thoughts about cloves might bring to mind the notion of other autumn spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. This warm spice is used in a variety of both sweet and savory dishes that are often enjoyed in the cooler months. Cloves can be used in everything from spiced drinks to desserts, Indian dishes, and several sauces. Our cloves come from the top growers in Israel and ensure all customer dishes have a bold and pungent feel.

Ingredients Steeped in History: One of the things that Israel is known for is its reputation for growing spices of the best taste and quality. As a company that strives to offer the best products, we focus on offering authentic and delicious spices with inspiration from some of the most well-known traditional Israeli recipes. Once we have the ingredients, we process them in small batches to ensure consistency in every bottle.

Exceptional Kosher Spices: Our company is fully aware of how few competitors offer a product catalog with only Kosher offerings and is proud to be a part of that number. We have certifications from the Chicago Rabbinical Council and Vaad Hakashrus of Miami-Dade to offer safety in the kitchen. Our premium cloves have the quality customers desire and will fit right into a Kosher kitchen environment. Each spice we offer is Kosher and made of only the best ingredients.

Robust Packaging for a Long Life: Using the best ingredients and preparing cloves using the top techniques is important. It's also essential to ensure that the spices' packaging is durable and can stand up to transit. Our bottles hold a large number of cloves and are designed to preserve their excellent flavors. With our top handcrafting techniques and small batch processes, our cloves and other spices will be a welcome addition to any pantry.