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Genuine Israeli Spices: Israel has been considered a leader for many years in both growing and creating spices with the best flavor and quality possible. We offer authentic, exceptional, and distinctive flavors in our spices to meet our goal of offering customers the best possible products. Each of these has a background based on the lush, memorable recipes of Israel. The raw spices are roasted and prepared in small batches to ensure the highest consistency and the best quality for all types of dishes.

Distinctive Flavor & Aroma: Baharat is a mixture of spices used throughout Arabic countries to season everything from prime cuts of meats to lentils and beans. It’s an all-purpose spice that adds flavor and depth to Middle Eastern cuisine, including soups, sauces, stews, vegetables, and meat. Our baharat is created with care and designed to feature the most delectable flavor. We can provide this because of our valuable business connections with the top growers of the spices in this blend.

Freshly Conceived Packaging: One of the top features that ensure spices stay fresh and flavorful for long periods is what packaging is used to store the spices. We take this into account to ensure customers always get the best quality baharat. Each of the spices we offer is preserved in innovative packaging to ensure it lasts. The packaging was designed to keep the quality and integrity high among all of our unique handmade spices. The baharat comes in a large plastic bottle.

Kosher Certified Products: Each of the spices we offer comes from one of only a few brands that are entirely Kosher certified. We have a commitment to safety and quality with certifications from Vaad Hakashrus of Miami-Dade and the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Offering quality kosher ingredients, handcrafted techniques, and small batches is something we pride ourselves on.